Even though Sundays are the day before the dreaded Monday, Sundays are magical for me. It is a day full of joy with my beautiful wife and beautiful daughter. Those who know me know that I was not around so much when Gianna, my first daughter, was a little one. There is a good reason, but I will not make it an excuse. That being said, I never had the full experience until now.

I have never known such a peaceful love. It makes me sad that I missed out on the development of Gianna both physically and with her personality, but what is done is done and I can only hope to heal it in time.

This Sunday was not an exception but had an added bonus. Again, those who know me know that one of my passions is creating in the kitchen. I originally just wanted a piece of my mother-in-laws meatloaf which is divine. Inspiration hit. First I heated up two nice slabs of the loaf, then I slammed mashed potatoes on the loaf then heated it some more. I then added a secret sauce and topped it with a mild white cheddar. Both the wife and I were blown away. Menu item!

So not only was I surrounded by two beautiful ladies all day, I also created something that has amazing potential to be a menu item.

Love and passion always make for a good recipe no matter if in you are in a real kitchen or a metaphorical life kitchen. Be present to enjoy it and enjoy every moving moment of it.


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