Have you ever felt like a tin roof? Every drop of rain echoes with a pang of resonating, unsettling emotion. Snow piles on you to further freeze what was already cold. The sun shines only to burn.

How do you put on the light to shine through the cold, gray shadow? The density can weigh heavy on both the heart and soul and drag you down into a deeper level of quicksand. How far do we let it take us before we open our eyes, move passed the fear, and grasp the branch in front of our face?

Running in circles, my feet ache. Have I thought about stopping running? Of course. Have I done it? Those who know me should know the answer is no. I want to stop the merry go round, but how?


The biggest bitch in my life. Even though I can acknowledge the obstacle it still remains an obstacle. where do I find the tnt to blow a hole in this oversized, been here for far too long wall?


Fuck you fear!


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