On Making Connections

On Making Connections

Nameless faces.

It is what we have made ourselves. Almost everything has lost its personal touch, we let it get this cold. One is afraid to try and be social because they think the other carries malicious intent while the other feels the same about the one so there is a disconnection. We are at a panic induced state of panic and we have forgotten to breathe. Fear has us by the throat. Where can we see intent in order to decipher who are the right people to give allowance into our life? Is it in seeing how much true fear is in their eyes, afraid the same as me? Or is that a good recipe for failure? Is it the way they speak and hold themselves? Can we ever really read intent at all?

There is a reconnection point and it starts with one word just like every sidewalk starts with one brick.  Its an individually defined word and the word is trust. To me, trust is more  than respect. That of course is respect at the level of having respect for other living beings. Trust comes with respect at a higher, more personal level. Trust is giving faith in somebody to not let you down or betray you in any form. So how do we go from a simple greeting to trust? We have to want to give and receive trust enough to be brave and breach the veil of fear then rip it away from us deeming it unwanted.

The only issue some have with this is the idea that there might not be any turning back. That’s why we always have to protect ourselves, set safeguards against being taken for a fool. These protections are to be found individually by learning, trial by fire, and figuring out how to build and defend against different things.

I am not afraid or ashamed to admit that I have placed myself in the same position. I am giving all of these words to whoever is reading them, but I find it hard to hear them and abide by them. I have been hurt like everybody has and I am both scared and scarred. I am also worried that the whole world is going into crisis with its identity and now is the time for people to unite so that humanity can strive and walk into a better version of itself. More caring, more aware, more alive. It would feed our souls and make them better. It would elevate us to be open to a higher love and respect for everything including ourselves.

So after we are aware of this why do we still live our short lives in and with fear?

It is sometimes more comfortable to stay in the shell than to kick at it, let alone break out of it.

What is the first step?

That has always been the hardest thing to figure out, at least for me. Is the obvious first step to just approach people? If it is, we still have to remember that they may live in and with fear as well. So first we tear away our fear enough in order to move forward. Then we hit the second obstacle of other people’s fear. With some people’s fear there may be a strong distrust involved. Everybody has been hurt. Some less, some more. The distrust can spring forth from pain, memories of pain, and so many other factors.

So, how do we prepare for all of this?

Maybe the best thing to do is not prepare at all. I think being prepared may make your attempt at making connection too contrived and disingenuous  therefor turning people off to what you thought was a genuine attempt.

Since all of these symptoms are so clear why cant we heal?

Still, the answer is fear. Fear of change, fear of something new, and the fear of letting people in. Looking within for bravery is a start. Find the things you fear the most and then figure out why. Once you figure out why, figure out if you need to hold onto it. If you don’t, let it go. You can even write a letter to it and burn it letting the feelings attached to it burn as well. Make sure you sweep up any remaining ashes. The idea is to not let the fear become reborn like the phoenix. Although a metaphor it makes sense. You want to be reborn, not the fear inside of you that causes pain and cuts you off from others. I have officially lost sight of who I am writing this for, myself or everybody reading.

I am going to go with a little bit of both.