Stream of Consciousness

         We are beings of water. Water cleanses and is a great conductor of energy. So let’s apply these simple concepts to more complex concepts. Let’s start with the ideas of consciousness and cleansing waters. When we are born we have no knowledge of anything, but as we age and grow we accumulate knowledge about the things our soul seeks out to add to universal consciousness. Perhaps speculation of adding to it and it how it happens can be as simple as when we are done on Earth we go back to an energetic essence, our soul is drained of the knowledge it has and is refilled with empty, clean water to gather more information.
         Before people start shaking their heads I offer you the case of Doctor Masaru Emotos experiments with water crystals. His theory states that water is the blueprint of our reality and that emotional energies and vibrations could change the physical structure of water. He took containers of water and wrote either negative or positive words on them and then froze them. The result was astounding as the crystals seemed to react to positive words by displaying beauty and to negative words by displaying deformities or ugliness. If you’re still shaking your head, how about throwing a rock into water? Ripples right? What kind? Throw a rock with anger and the ripples would be bigger as opposed to lovingly placing the rock in the water.
         So all of these memory molding and making rivers eventually converge into one stream. So as beings of water we are a collective. A constant influx of ideas are gathered from lifetimes and, as water is, is filtered. Higher energies or our higher selves tirelessly muddle through and what is kept becomes universal consciousness. Can we ever remember any of these things in an incarnation or is our job to continue to search and contribute? Would having any of the knowledge in this consciousness have any impact on how we live our lives? We will either never know or one day our job will be done and we will know all, being eternally enlightened.