In the Shadow of Orchids

In the Shadow of Orchids

There was no room for doubt, a storm was coming. He would be alone again, snowed in for a few days. Thank the gods for dvds and video games. Jacob ran his aching fingers through his curly mop and sighed thoughtfully. Maybe he could somewhere like Boca Raton and soak up the sun instead of being stranded with foot upon foot of snow baricading him in. He pushed the thought to the side and poured another of Jim Beam. Between the liquor and the fire he would stay toasty. Soon his mind lost all focus and it was as if it were floating in space. Everything in his brain swam around and he swore some fell out of his ear. It wasn’t too long after that when sleep wrapped its loving arms around him.

A knock echoed through the living room eventually hitting the floor where Jacob moved. He rolled over to see it was two thirty in the morning. It had better be important for being so late. Or early, it depends how you look at it. The second knock woke him completely.

“Dammit! Hold your horses, I’m coming.

What if it were an axe murderer, or worse yet, Bigfoot. No guns, just rusty silverware. Dammit again. He tip toed so he could try to be quiet, but that only worked until big toe met the couch. The one thing Jacob knew he was bad at was not cursing out loud when in pain. His cover was blown and now whoever it was probably thought he was an uneducated turd.

“So yeah, before I retardedly open the door, who is it?”

There was no answer at first. Just a noise that sounded a hand slapping the door. Than a whisper, a woman’s voice.

“Help me.”

Apprehension had saved his life many times before.

“Okay, what’s your name?”

“I’m cold, please.”

Jacob slapped his forehead and reached for the doorknob, he steadied his hand. He twisted the knob gently and prepared himself to jump back if need be. As soon as he opened the door she fell through. She looked no older than sixteen, was only wearing shorts and a t shirt, and was covered in blood. He was thankful for having brain enough to start a fire. He quickly wrapped in the nearest blanket, lifted her into his arms, and brought her near the fire. He stared past her into the fire and realized things had just got a bit more interestin